The 2240 CertiPH3os® is a tabletop gas concentration monitor for PH3. The instrument was developed in cooperation with Fosfoquim S.A. (Chile). The device is currently the only available system that can permanently withstand the used gas concentrations during a fumigation (PH3 is highly corrosive and decomposes base metals). The main field of application is therefore the continuous monitoring of the active gas concentration in pest control. The unit has three gas channels. These can be selected individually or can be switched through automatically in cycles. Thanks to a simple proprietary machine interface, the device can also be integrated into a higher-level automation system. A variety of options are available for the 2240 CertiPH3os®, such as recording data to a USB stick or sending data to cloud storage in conjunction with a protected web portal from ppm Messtechnik GmbH.


  • Stationary concentration monitor for PH3
  • Concentration range 45 – 4500 ppm, resolution 0.1 ppm
  • Accuracy 1% of measured value ± 45 ppm
  • Readout normalised to 0°C and 1013 mbar (other parameters possible)
  • Standard with monitoring of gas flow for blockage/failure
  • Hose length up to 100 metres (with 4 mm inner diameter)
  • Dimension: 23 x 27 x 15 cm, weight about 4.5 kg
  • Power supply: 90-264 VAC / 47-63 Hz - max. 60 W
  • Delivered with mains cable and measuring channel selector switch
  • Recommended calibration interval 12 months
  • Optional:
    • GSM data transmission with cloud access
    • Data storage on USB stick
    • High-contrast electro-luminescent display
    • Analogue data interface 4-20 mA or 1-10 V
    • Transport case


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