ppm mt SecoHamburg91Presentation of the first prototype in 1991 by Horst König at the company SECO in HamburgAs the leading developer of the first industrial gas monitors in Germany, Horst König founded in 1997 the company ppm Messtechnik.

The main task of the devices was the monitoring of the limit values according to the 2nd Federal Immission Control Ordinance,
briefly called 2nd BImSchV. At that time, the monitors were the only ones in Germany that could perform this task.

It was early recognised that the devices were not only suitable for evaluating gas concentrations in solvent-processing companies.
The measuring principle of optoacoustics offers the possibility to measure other gaseous substances precisely and reliably, too.

This has led to new fields of activity outside of cleaning plants, for example also in refrigerator recycling plants. There, our devices safely and reliably monitor the concentrations of the gases released during shredding. These are mainly R11, R12 and Cyclopentane.

However, a large number of other substances, such as Toluene or aggressive components (e.g. NH3) have also been successfully measured.

In recent years, the protection of buildings and stocks has been added as a new and large field of activity. Gas monitors of the M.A.C. family reliably serve for documentation and quality assurance of fumigations with the active substances SO2F2 as well as PH3 or HCN. Furthermore, the devices of the "CLIRcheck" series are able to monitor the limit values for SO2F2 fumigation applicable to humans.

The open concept of the devices allows to easily adapt to customer requirements and to selectively detect a variety of other substances. The gas monitors are therefore popular with many companies and institutes worldwide.