SYCOS KT-PM2 is a portable and battery-buffered transfer test gas generator by permeation for various gases in the ppb range, for example for SO2, NO2, H2S, NH3. The system has two permeation chambers. The test gases are dynamically diluted with external zero gas or optionally self-generated zero gas by attached adsorbers. The system can automatically compensate the influence of pressure, temperature and flow rate changes.



  • Test gas generator by permeation, in the ppb range
  • Temperature-controlled permeation oven with two chambers
  • Designed for continuous operation, permanent flushing of the chambers
  • Compensation for changes in pressure and gas flow
  • Optional zero air generation from ambient air by filtration/adsorption
  • Dynamic dilution of the test gases
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  • Supply: AC 110-240 volts · DC 12-24 volts · Battery (4-6 hours).
  • Dimension: 19 inch full width, 3U, depth approx. 390mm (without handle)
  • Weight: about 18 kg
  • Scope of delivery: basic unit, mains cable, car cable

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