The SYCOS KT-O3 is a portable and battery-buffered transfer test gas generator for ozone. Oxygen in the air is split UV-photolytically after purification (particles and optionally by adsorbers) and converted to ozone. The system can automatically compensate the influence of pressure, temperature and flow rate changes.



  • Ozone generator: 10 - 500 ppb (higher concentrations on request)
  • Ozone Accuracy: 1% of selected value ± 1 ppb
  • Compensation of changes in pressure, temperature, gas flow
  • Optional zero air generation from ambient air by filtration/adsorption
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  • Supply: AC 110-240 volts · DC 12-24 volts · Battery (4-6 hours)
  • Dimension: 19 inch full width, 3U, depth approx. 390mm (without handle)
  • Weight: about 15 kg
  • Scope of delivery: basic unit, mains cable, car cable

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