PPM Monitor Software


The Monitor-Software offers the possibility to change the internal settings of the instrument.
The software is a very powerful tool, even for misadjustment. So there are several password levels embedded.
The Monitor-Software is working on every PC with the operation system WIN-XP upwards.
main screen / operating screen:
Status display of important instrument parameter and status of inputs and outputs.
Virtual copy of instrument display and display raw signals and calculated sensor signals.
Software 2
customer data screen:
Input for customer data, thresholds and time on sampling zone (cyclic mode).
Software 3
1. configuration screen:
Display of calibrated values and basic sensor adjustments.
Software 4
2. configuration screen:
Display of expansion stages and dedicated settings.
Software 5
3. configuration screen:
Sensor and instrument specific settings.
Software 6
Calibration screen:
Panel for instrument calibration and readout of calibrated values.
Software 7
Print screen:
Printable view of the calibrated values including resulting calibration curve(s).
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