PPM-Messtechnik was established by Horst König in 1997. The company arised from the company named WS&S.
WS&S developed in cooperation with Aritron Instrumente AG switzerland and Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG the first industrial gas-monitors.

The main function of the units was the surveillance of the limits fixed in the 2. Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung, in short form named 2. BImSchV.
The units were, at that moment, the first ones in Germany which could fulfil these duties.

Soon it became clear that these instruments were not only suitable for measurent of gas concentrations in solvent handling companies but in much more sectors. The optoacoustic measuring principle offers the posibility to measure other gaseous compounds precise and reliable.

New areas of activity opend up, e.g. refrigerator recycling.
Our instruments monitor the concentration of redundant gas during the process of shredding refrigerators, safely and authentic. Mainly R11, R12 and cyclopentane are measured.

Many other componends, which have their "fingerprints" in the infrared, can be measured. Toluene or more agressiv ones (armmonia) ,for instance.

Since several years, a new and great field of activity came up, the supply stock protection and protection of buildings.
Units of the M.A.C.-family document the quality during fumigations with the compounds SO2F2 or PH3. The units of the "CLIRcheck"-series have the ability to monitor the TWA or STEL limits during SO2F2-fumigation.

The open concept of our instruments allowes us to easily manufacture the units according to customer requests and selectively measure a large number of compounds.
The monitors have thereby encountered a great demand woldwide.

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